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Monday, March 14, 2016

The Bizarre Vigeland Sculpture Park in Solo, Norway

Located in the vast Frogner Park at the heart of Oslo, the Vigeland Sculpture Park is a fascinating outdoor museum that features more than 200 sculptures in bronze, granite and wrought iron, ranging in different sizes, by Norwegian artist Gustav Vigeland, all of which celebrate the bizarre aspects of the human form and its representations. It is also the largest sculpture park in the entire world made by a single artist. This is definitely a must-see!

It took Vigeland almost two decades, from 1924-1943, to complete the ambitious art project, in exchange for a house that was given to him by the municipal government. The sculptures are dotted all over the park and they range in topics - from remarkable representations of humans to more symbolic and abstract subjects. You will be fascinated for sure!

I was specifically drawn to “The Monolith,” which is the central point of the park consisting of several sculptures of human figures that are intertwined with one another. It was carved from one single granite block, hence the name, and it took Vigeland over 14 years to complete these sculptures alone. Eerie and amazing!

Another key attraction of the park is “The Fountain”. This particular sculpture was meant to be placed in front of the Norwegian Parliament, which drew some controversies. The sculpture comprises of different bronze reliefs depicting the “circle of life”, with sculptures of kids, old men, and skeletons, to cite a few.

Perhaps the most known sculpture in the park is the "Sinnataggen", the little “Angry Boy”, which became even more famous when it was removed from its pedestal and stolen. Although it is one the tiniest statues in the entire park, it is the most photographed! 

How to Get to Vigeland Sculpture Park:
The easiest way to get to Vigelan Sculpture Park is by taking the tram #12 which stops directly outside the park gates at “Vigelandsparken.” 

You can also take the underground (T-Bane) or tram #19 to Majorstuen then walk about 400 meters down the park. You can also reach the park by taking bus #20.

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