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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Brighton, England: My 10 Recommended Places to Visit

Located in the south coast of England, Brighton is a famous tourist destination known to many as the “London by the Sea”. I lived in Brighton for a few months and enjoyed every bit of my time in this lively seaside city.

Here is my list of 10 recommendations on what to do and visit in Brighton! I guarantee you’ll have a wonderful experience.

Visit the Royal Pavilion

Brighton is perhaps best known for its impressive Indian-inspired Royal Pavilion. Me and my friends call it the “Taj Mahal.” A former royal residence, this structure was built in the 18th century and designed by John Nash. It is considered as one of the most striking buildings in the United Kingdom. During the winter season, you should come and experience the ice skating rink outside the pavilion. 

Check out the shops at the Lanes
Brighton is also a centre of shopping, especially antiques. Most of the shops are located around the “The Lanes”, a portion of the city consisting of narrow alleys teeming with small stores, souvenir shops, and boutiques. It is located south of Pavilion Gardens, between North Street and Prince Albert Street. It is a nice place to wander around and to eat or grab a drink.

Eat and hang out at Brighton Marina
The Brighton Marina is worth visiting too! In this area, you will find a working harbour and a long stretch of shops and restaurants, as well as up-market boutiques and mainstream outlets.

Watch the sunset at Brighton Beach
Of course, no trip to Brighton is ever complete without going to its famous pebbled beach. You will find good preserved examples of Victorian seaside arcades along the bay walk. Personally, I think the best time to visit the beach is before and during sunset where you will most likely view a flock of birds swarming around together against the orange skies. The Brighton sunset is an amazing sight!

Spend some time in Brighton Pier
If you have time, I suggest you take yourself or your companions on the rides or play in the arcade in Brighton Pier.  After a tiring day, you may sit on a foldable bench and unwind while watching the beautiful sunset.

Visit the world's oldest aquarium
Yes, you can find the oldest aquarium in the world in Brighton.! Located across the Brighton Pier, the Brighton's Sea Life aquarium has some interesting displays of marine life. I suggest you book the ticket in advance or use discount vouchers to save money.

Get a panoramic view at the Brighton Wheel
Got some money to spare? Why not ride round the Brighton Wheel and get a panoramic view of Brighton? The Wheel operates from 10am until 11pm during weekends.

Watch a concert in Theatre Royal
Going to Theatre Royal once in a while is one of the things I really enjoyed doing in Brighton. The Theatre Royal houses concerts and theatrical productions by local and international performers.

Relax in public parks

Various public parks are dotted all over Brighton where visitors can relax. One of my favorite parks to visit is the Preston Park, the largest one in Brighton, situated along London Road. Within this park is a a flower garden and old historic structures including the Clock Tower, the Rotunda and Tile House. Other notable parks in Brighton include Hove Park, Queen’s Park, and S.t Ann's Well Gardens.

Ride a vintage railway

Brighton is home to the Volk's Electric Railway, which is world's oldest operating electric railway! Yes, this railway still works and you should try it out. Riding this old train is a relaxing way to explore the seafront in Brighton. Return journeys only take about half an hour.

Do you have anything to add to my list of 10 recommended places to visit in Brighton? Please leave your comment below. 

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