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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Getting to Fort Kochi from the Airport the Cheapest Way Possible

Hitchhiking aside, the cheapest possible way to get to Fort Kochi in Kerala, India from the Cochin International Airport is to take the Orange public bus. Don’t dare to take the taxi as it will cost too much money. Fort Kochi is more than 40 kilometers away from the airport. 

I took the public bus and my journey went without a hitch. The journey took more than 2 hours as the bus kept on stopping to fetch passengers along the way.

Where to Find the Bus to Fort Kochi:
Upon exiting the departure gate, just turn right. Ignore the taxis waiting outside. The bus stop is not that far from the International Airport terminal. It is located on the left of the main road. Look for the KSRTC Orange Bus. Fare cost is around 80 Indian Rupees (INR) or 1.20$.

This bus operates every 30-40 minutes, with varying routes to Kochi City via Aluva, Kalamassery, Vytilla, and Thoppumady.

You can take any of these bus routes as they all terminate at Fort Kochi:

Bus JNK1
Bus JNK2
Bus JNK3
Bus JNK14
Bus JNK19

 To double-check if you are indeed on the right bus, ask the bus conductor.

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